Mission of the Laboratory


The execution of scientific research in the fields of Organizational Behaviour, Leadership and Organizational Psychology, the distribution of research results and conclusions as widely as possible and the understanding of the importance of scientific research in the field in Greece and abroad.


Strategy of the Laboratory


The laboratory aims to undertake research and educational activities with the collaboration of research centres and academic institutions in Greece and abroad. It also intends to publicise its research activities and outcomes through the publication of scientific pieces of research in peer-reviewed journals and other scientific outlets of high-impact and the support of development of PhD research in the following areas of research: 

  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Leadership
  • Work & Organizational Psychology
  • Human Resource Management


Goals of the Research Laboratory


  • The collaboration with research centres and academic institutions in Greece and abroad, provided that the scientific objectives coincide with those of the Laboratory.
  • The organisation of conferences, seminars, congresses, lectures, as well as the publication and dissemination of research outcomes.
  • The support of postgraduate teaching activities (e.g. courses in Organizational Behaviour and Psychology, Leadership, Human Resource Management, Personal Skills Development, etc.) but also postgraduate programs (MSc in HRM, International MBA, Executive MBA)
  • The support of PhD candidates to successfully complete their PhD studies
  • The support of AUEB' s Department of Management Science & Technology through the diffusion of its research results, conceptual frameworks, methodologies and tools into the classroom.
  • The cooperation with Public agents, Organizations and Institutes, in order to resolve problems, suggest solutions and issues related to the aims and the objectives of the Research Laboratory. 




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