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Message from the Director

Dear visitor,

Welcome to our site. We hope that you will find useful information regarding Organizational Behaviour / Psychology and Leadership, topics of increased interest in organizations across the globe and also about our research and teaching activities, as a group.

CROB’s mission is the execution of research in Organizational Behaviour, Leadership and Organizational Psychology, the widest possible distribution of research findings and the understanding of the importance of research in the field of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management both in Greece and abroad. Part of the Athens University of Economics and Business, which has always been on the forefront of education and research in Greece, our Research Centre is created with the thought of promoting the issues of Organizational Behaviour, Psychology and Leadership both academically and professionally. At the same time, at CROB we are trying our best to combine experienced faculty with promising young researchers.

The goals of CROB-L are:

  • The collaboration with research centres and academic institutions in Greece and abroad, provided that the scientific objectives coincide with those of the Laboratory.
  • The organisation of conferences, seminars, congresses, lectures, as well as the publication and dissemination of research outcomes.
  • The support of undergraduate teaching activities (e.g. courses in Organizational Behaviour and Psychology, Leadership, Human Resource Management, Personal Skills Development, etc.) but also postgraduate programs (MSc in HRM, International MBA, Executive MBA)
  • The support of PhD candidates to successfully complete their PhD studies
  • The support of AUEB' s Departments through the diffusion of its research results, conceptual frameworks, methodologies and tools into the classroom.
  • The cooperation with Public agents, Organizations and Institutes, in order to resolve problems, suggest solutions and issues related to the aims and the objectives of the Research Laboratory. 

We hope that you will enjoy exploring our Web site, and contact us with any questions you may have about our educational or research activities. I do hope that the material of the CROB web site will meet your expectations.


Prof. Dimitris Bourantas

Director of the CROB Laboratory

Professor of Management and Leadership

Athens University of Economics and Business

Department of Management Science and Technology 






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