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The Centre of Leadership Intelligence (CLI) brings together scientists from different fields, such as psychology, philosophy, management, history, sociology, anthropology etc., in order to explore Leadership - and how it is related to all of these sciences as a multi-disciplinary and complex social phenomenon. The aim of the Group is, on the one side to contribute to in the international research on Leadership and on the other hand to propagate the beliefs, the attitudes and the practices, not only to enterprises but also to organizations - political, public, local government, educational, armed forces.

Ambition of the Laboratory is to be distinguished internationally as a separate Greek research team for the pioneering researches in the field of leadership. Furthermore, ambition constitutes the need to be internationally distinguished by the utilization of the cognitive and philosophical knowledge, inherited by the ancient Greeks. 

As the director of the laboratory, Professor D. Bourantas, has stated: "while recently e have made important progress, however we fall short enough of the effective leadership, so much in enterprises as in organizations, despite the acceptance of enormous importance and despite the relative education the executives attain. However, nowadays, the business environment becomes more and more complicated, uncertain, competitive and international, requiring, as a resut, effective leadership. Management is necessary by default but it is not able to ensure business success. What makes the difference is the effective exercise of leadership”. Until now research has determined enough personality characteristics and leading faculties that leadership requires. However, a lot of questions remain unanswered such as how leadership is developed, how it functions also how the authentic and effective leader achieves results.

The Centre of Leadership Intelligence (CLI) collaborates with the Centre of Research in Organizational Behavior (CROB), in their fields of common research interests, exchanging experiences and knowledge both in professionally and in academic issues.


Members of the laboratory

Bourantas Dimitrios

Professor of Management and Leadership, Director of the Executive MBA Program and co-Director of the MSc in Human Resources Management in Athens University of Economics and Business.


Agapitou Vasia

Psychologist and doctoral candidate in Athens University of Economics and Business


Current Research Projects

PhD Project: Strategic Leadership and Existential Intelligence


Information and Contact

Director of the laboratory

Bourantas Dimitrios

e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

tel: +030 210 8203 656

fax: +030 210 8828 474

Euelpidon 47Α & Leukados 33 – 807 Office (8th floor)



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